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Trustin Timber is both a company and an alter ego of founder Cody Bokshowan. The Trustin Timber identity started as an innocent second Instagram and YouTube account to socialize with like-minded people interested in making things with their own hands and outdoor adventure.  During that time Cody worked as a Creative Director in luxury fashion, producing both editorial and advertising in stills and motion. A very different world than the humble DIY projects and camping trips that filled his weekends.

His work has been published in fashion, and outdoor adventure magazines including Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Paddling Magazine and Aeroflot Style among others. He has worked in countries around the world including Italy, Russia, Greece, Kazakhstan, China, USA, and his home country of Canada.  With well over 500 placed ads in the worlds top glossy magazines, 100s of billboards, and 8 years of fashion videos under his belt, it was time to move on to a new adventure.

In 2017 Cody launched his own company called Trustin Timber based on the growing social media presence of his alter ego.  As his eye for detail and storytelling of his professional work started to show through in his personal projects, he started developing professional relationships with companies that aligned more with his personal interests which eventually led him to work under the Trustin Timber brand full time.

Today Trustin Timber is focused on telling visually captivating stories in the forms of documentary, commercials, and educational films.