At it’s core Trustin Timber Productions is about creating content that educates and inspires our audience. Check out a few of our project films.

Reclaimed Mantel

These cut off beams were given to me by a gracious neighbor.  I wanted to build something special with them for our home and give new life to these dicarded peices of wood that had started to rot away.


Scrap Wood Woodshed

This project was an challenge I gave myself to showcase how creativity and design come out to play when you have restrictions. I set a goal to build this woodshed without going to the store a single time and buying no new lumber.



Over the course of 6 weeks in the fall of 2016 I had the pleasure of spending time with Tom Byers the legendary Birch Bark Canoe maker in Ontario Canada and make a short film of him making this beutiful birch bark canoe.

Web-Projects-Timber Transformers.jpg

Timber Transformers

Timber Transformers was the 1st prize winner of of the Izzy Swan furniture design challenge in association with Green Gables Furniture and was later designer into a 12 piece collection by us.

Timber Garden

During the winter of 2016 we had an extreme ice storm in Southern Ontario. Heavy layers of ice built up on the trees caused may of them to come crashing down all around us. So the question became, how do we turn this negative into a positive.

Canoe Stand Slings

This is my design for easy storage canoe stands. To store away you can just remove the side pegs and pull out the cross bars to bring legs together.  It’s a great project for anyone looking to improve their wood working skills.